About Us

Our Mission is to provide a unique platform to the independent artists (I.A.s) community.

We plan to accomplish this by providing a multitude opportunities, ranging from simple feedback on artwork to full on collaborations for I.A.s looking to increase their knowledge, grow their brand, and build connections in the industry of their choice.

A digital design made by Phantom King.

Whether you're a digital designer or an actress

R3P LLC can help you achieve your dreams! 


In this business, it really is all about who you know.

R3P provides it's industry contacts to Pro Level Subscribers. 

Artists with years of experience, willing to help and work with you! 

A certified team of marketers, trained specifically to help artists!

We are all one big family here! What will you bring to the table?

Novice Level

Novice level artists are granted access to our community of artists which allows you to

connect with artists of all levels via a profile, which is customizable.

With your subscription, you will also be featured on our social media one week every month. This is an incredible opporunity to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people every month.

Make new friends and connections, all while supporting local artists! 

Dabbler Level

Dabbler level artists are granted access to promotion through our website, on top of everything from the Novice level.

You can have your artwork appear in the Oasis', which is a great way to connect with other R3P artists and possible clients

Other artists and customers will see the Oasis' and be able to locate your profile.

Feel Free to add links to whatever sales channels or other platforms you may use to promote yourself or your artwork, including social media or even your own website.

Featured Level

The Featured level is where R3P begins to become an innovation of the Arts.

You will be given access to our private store. It is full of discounted equipment that any I.A. or small business owner could need. Stop wasting hundreds of dollars on the g3ar you need.

On top of that, as well as the previous levels, you will decide whether you want to be promoted on our social media for the entire month or promote yourself directly from our public website.

You can sell artwork or promote your services directly to the public. 

Professional Level

The Professional level is the epitome of our mission to innovate the Arts.

Pros are given their very own portfolio! This portfolio is created with Wix, underneath our professional account.

The subscription price covers a custom domain name, marketing the portfolio, daily insights and analysis of performance, and access to Wix's Editor in order to customize your portfolio however you wish.

For a flat fee, it is possible to buy the website from R3P and finally have your very own operating business.


All collaboration submissions are read over and pre-approved by R.3.P.

Every approved collaboration will come along with a contract.

This contract is to be used by you to indicate to your clients or peers you're desired pay, important dates, royalty division, and more.

In hopes of preventing artists going unpaid, every contract will be guaranteed by R3P.

This guaranty applies to all artists involved in the collaboration, and, if applicable, the client/customer.

In order to qualify for Contract Protection, your account must be:

-in good standing

-at least 3 months old

-have no more than 3 previous negative marks

-and the contract must not be altered in anyway (R3P will make all necessary changes to the document).