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About Us

Our Belief

A brand is as unique as our identity.

Both should be handled with confidence.

Our Mission

To bring unique innovations to the world's small businesses.

To level the playing field between small and big brand names.

To provide high-quality, private label products at competitive prices.

To assist brands with the daunting task of online advertising.

What We Offer

R3P LLC offers a wide range of services that are available to everyone. 

As a private label, our main service is customizing products per our clients detailed instructions.

All 5,700+ unique products are available for customization.

Our Subscriptions come with even more offers and higher savings.

The Team

Here at R3P LLC, we are united by a shared love for all forms of artistic expression. From visual arts to music. 

We are passionate professionals dedicated to helping our community empower itself.

R3P LLC was founded by two indie-artist brands in 2021, one of them being the name sake : 3NrG.

Our Insight

The digital age comes with its set of challenges, but we're no strangers to them. Having navigated the same paths, we deeply understand the intricacies of the online world, ensuring that we're always in step with the needs and aspirations of our brands.

  • What is R3P LLC?
    R3P LLC is a private label company that offers Brand Development services such as logo design as well as product design & creation. Our certified team handles all marketing, advertising, and promotional services. As a priivate label, R3P LLC is dedicated to bringing the very best quality in every product we offer. We are always looking for ways to expand and improve our offers for indie artists of all kinds., on the other hand, is R3P LLC’s base of operations.’s two main goals are : to professionally showcase our clients artwork and products in a new and interactive way. As well as be a public marketplace, where independent artists can sell their work, their brand’s products, and even their freelance services. While R3P LLC focuses on private label and tailored marketing services, is where these services are accessed. Subscribed artists can engage with their customers, collaborate with other artists, & take advantage of all R3P LLC has to offer.
  • Are R3P LLC’s services refundable?
    The short answer is yes. However, there is one thing that is never, ever refundable. Due to the nature of the advertising & marketing services, funding allocated to ad spending, is non-refundable. R3P LLC will never spend nor allocate any money on ads that has not been pre-approved by the owner of the content being advertised. Beyond ad spending, every cent spent on R3P LLC‘s services is 100% refundable (for up to 21 business days). The first full business day from the time of purchase is considered as Day 1 of 21. Beyond the 21 business day mark, services are refundable up to 50% for another 21 business days. After 42 business days, all accounts will be considered closed. Closed accounts cannot be refunded for any reason.
  • R3P LLC gets a commission of my sales?
    These are the following reasons R3P LLC receives a commission of every private label product sold : 1) Order Handling & Shipping Fees (10%) 2) Marketing & Advertising Fees (10%) 3) Statistics Tracking & Documentation Fees (5%) These percentages only apply to private label products offered by R3P LLC based on your R3Pit subscription. A subscription is necessary to sell products. Free accounts earn the remaining 75% of their sales. Monthly accounts earn an additional 10% & Yearly accounts earn an additional 5%. If percentages are not ideal, it is possible to pay a flat rate for these services. The rates are as follows : 1) $20/Product 2) $500/Month 3)$100/Month
  • Can artists market their private label products directly on
    Yes, artists can feature their private label products on their profiles. This provides a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their brand comprehensively, alongside their artworks and freelance services, in a single platform.
  • Is a subscription necessary?
    R3P LLC is first, and foremost, a private label company, providing individuals and businesses with high-quality, custom products tailored for their every need. Unsubscribed users can customize 25 unique products in total. Yearly subscribers have access to over 5,700 unique products in total. Unsubscribed users pay full price for any and all of R3P LLC’s services. Subscribed users save up to 35% off of any and all of R3P LLC’s services. In short, a subscription to is not required to purchase any of the services, products, or artwork available for purchase through
  • I have to pay? is 100% free to use for every one. Subscribing users have additional accesses to such things as professional showcasing, more private label products, and exclusive networking opportunities. Paid subscriptions come with even more access and benefits. A free subscription receives a basic profile, allowing for basic functions and features. Paid subscribers will have the same profile but also access to a public and a private portfolio, allowing for professional showcasing capabilities. It is the best practice to use your private portfolio to test new artwork or products out amongst your inner circle before going public. Both portfolios are accessible from searching the URL. Only the public portfolio is linked to your profile. The layout of both portfolios is the same. It is not possible to customize the layout portfolios. For a more customized portfolio, request R3P LLC’s brand development services.
  • How to pick the right subscription
    The R3P LLC team encourages that everyone begin with a free account. From there, users are provided a 30-day, free trial of a monthly subscription. Afterwards, a yearly subscription is the cheapest option for those who love the free-trial or monthly subscription.
  • Are the private label services offered exclusively to artists on
    No, the private label services are not exclusive to members. Any one is welcome to contact R3P LLC. However, being part of the community offers the advantage of easy integration and big savings!
  • How customizable are the private label products offered by R3P LLC?
    R3P LLC offers highly customizable solutions, from the initial concept and design to the final product. Artists have the liberty to be as involved as they wish in the creative and production processes, ensuring the end product is aligned with their artistic vision.
  • Are these marketing services tailored specifically to artists listed on
    While the marketing services are available to a broader audience, there is a special focus on artists registered on Subscription-based tailored campaigns and the use of R3Pit Points for marketing make these services highly accessible to artists on the platform.
  • How do artists know which marketing strategies are most effective for them?
    Artists receive detailed analytics and consultation services based on their subscription tier. Monthly, bi-monthly, or even weekly consultations are available, along with raw-data analysis and deep-dive reports to help artists understand which strategies are yielding the best results.
  • What specific marketing and advertising services does R3P LLC offer?
    R3P LLC offers a range of marketing and advertising services designed to elevate an artist's presence both online and offline. These services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, social media management, and customized promotional campaigns.
  • How does R3P LLC measure the effectiveness of its marketing and advertising campaigns?
    The effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns is measured through detailed analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Artists receive raw-data analysis reports and consultation services, which can be as frequent as weekly, depending on their subscription tier.
  • Are there any prerequisites for artists to qualify for R3P LLC's marketing and advertising services?
    While R3P LLC aims to assist artists at all levels, the depth of service is tied to the artist's subscription tier on Basic services start with the Free Account, but more advanced features like tailored campaigns and bi-monthly consultations are available to artists with Elite and Professional Accounts.
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