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From evocative paintings to digital marvels, immerse yourself in a world of creative expression. Experience the richness of independent artistry with ease. You can like artwork, purchase available products associated with a particular artwork, or even collaborate with the artist of your choice! Start by viewing all the artwork being showcased on currently and check out the artists that created them. See you there!

Journey behind the scenes of the creativity, Discovering the artists behind the masterpieces. This page lists all the artists profiles, making it easy to shift through different styles and skillsets. Whether you're looking for someone to collaborate with or simply looking for your favorite artist, this page makes it fun and easy to find who and what you are looking for.

Curate your own personal collection or gift a loved one something special. Dive into our range of private-label merchandise, where artistry meets quality, offering you exclusive pieces that stand out.

About Us

Royal 3NrG Productions LLC Welcomes YOU!

R3P LLC, a private label, owns and operates:, an online marketplace dedicated to independent artists.

Our Belief

At the heart of every great artwork is an independent artist, brimming with passion and a unique voice. We champion these individuals, recognizing them as the true drivers of creativity and innovation in the artistic world.

Our Mission

Beyond just supporting independent artists, we aim to be catalysts of change in various industries. Our mission is driven by the relentless spirit and exceptional talent of indie artists, striving to reshape and redefine the artistic landscape.

What We Offer

Each artist's journey is unique, deserving tailored support that resonates with their aspirations. We provide an array of tools and continuous learning experiences, ensuring every artist remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital age.

The Team

Our team isn't just about managing; our owners are artists in their own right, leading trends and redefining norms. United by a shared love for all forms of artistic expression, we are passionate professionals dedicated to empowering our community.

Our Insight

The digital age comes with its set of challenges, but we're no strangers to them. Having navigated the same paths, we deeply understand the intricacies of the online world, ensuring that we're always in step with the needs and aspirations of our artists.

Our Pricing

Independent artist looking for support and guidance in growing your career? 

We encourage you to get in touch!

We look forward to being a part of your artistic journey!!

Contact Us

Contact Us

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  • How does the revenue model differ between and R3P LLC?'s revenue mainly comes from commissions on sales and subscription fees from artists using the platform. The commissions range from 10% to 20%, depending on your subscription tier. R3P LLC generates revenue through its specialized marketing, advertising, and private label branding services, usually through customized pricing packages tailored to each client's needs.
  • Can I use without engaging with R3P LLC's services?
    Absolutely. You can use as a stand-alone platform to showcase and sell your artwork, products, and services without needing to engage with R3P LLC's additional marketing or branding services. The platform offers several subscription tiers to suit artists at every level, starting with a Free Account that allows basic showcasing and selling capabilities.
  • Can an artist engage with R3P LLC directly, or do they have to go through
    Artists can engage directly with R3P LLC for its specialized services, without necessarily going through However, integrating the two can provide a more comprehensive approach to showcasing, marketing, and selling their work.
  • How do the services offered by R3P LLC integrate with
    R3P LLC's services in marketing, advertising, and private label branding can be fully integrated into your profile if you choose to engage with them. For instance, tailored marketing campaigns developed by R3P LLC can be deployed on to boost your sales and visibility, depending on your subscription tier and preferences.
  • What is the primary function of and how does it differ from R3P LLC?
    The primary function of is to act as a public marketplace where independent artists can showcase, sell, and collaborate on their artwork, products, and freelance services. R3P LLC, on the other hand, is the parent company that provides specialized services in marketing, advertising, and private label branding. While offers a space for artists to directly engage with customers, R3P LLC focuses on elevating those engagements through targeted advertising and branding.
  • If I sign up for marketing services through R3P LLC, will it automatically apply to my profile?
    Not automatically, but the services can be integrated upon your request. After you've consulted with the R3P LLC team and chosen a marketing strategy, you have the option to implement these services on your profile for enhanced visibility and sales. The level of integration depends on the specific marketing package you select and your subscription tier on
  • What’s the difference between & R3P LLC?
    R3P LLC is the overarching company that offers marketing, advertising, and private label branding services. is the platform owned and operated by R3P LLC, serving as a public marketplace, where independent artists can showcase and sell their artwork, brand products, and freelance services. While R3P LLC focuses on tailored advertising and private label services, is the venue where these services are displayed and artists can directly interact with customers, other artists, and even the owners of R3P LLC itself.
  • How do and R3P LLC collaborate to benefit independent artists? and R3P LLC work in synergy. Artists can utilize as a platform to display their creations and then opt to use R3P LLC's tailored marketing and branding services to boost visibility and sales. The integration can be as subtle or as comprehensive as the artist chooses, depending on their subscription tier and needs.
  • Are there any services that are exclusively offered by either or R3P LLC?
    Yes, each entity has its unique offerings. primarily provides the marketplace for artists to showcase and sell their work. It also offers subscription tiers with benefits like increased showcase spots and lower commission fees. R3P LLC exclusively offers targeted marketing, advertising, and private label branding services, which can be integrated with your profile if you choose.
  • Does R3P LLC own
    Yes, R3P LLC owns and operates The website serves as the digital extension of the broader services provided by R3P LLC, specifically tailored to benefit independent artists.
  • What kinds of artists and creators does cater to? is a versatile platform designed to cater to a wide range of artists. Whether you're a visual artist, musician, photographer, or freelancer offering creative services, our marketplace is tailored to showcase your unique talents and reach a diverse audience.
  • How does support artists in collaboration and networking? has built-in features that facilitate direct artist-to-artist collaborations within the platform. Artists can also bid on collaborations using R3Pit Points. Higher-tier subscriptions offer exclusive networking opportunities, ensuring that artists can connect with industry professionals and like-minded creators.
  • How does ensure quality and reliability of the products and services listed? takes the quality of listings seriously. While the platform itself is open for all artists to showcase their work, certain quality checks and community reviews help maintain a standard. Additionally, higher-tier subscriptions offer consultations with the R3P team, ensuring that product listings are optimized for quality and reliability.
  • What does the R3Pit Points system offer, and how does it integrate with the Artist Marketplace?
    R3Pit Points act as a loyalty system, where artists earn points for engaging on the platform. These points can be spent on promotional campaigns, artwork, or even on bidding for collaborations. The points system is integrated into all subscription tiers, offering more flexibility for artists to strategize their promotional efforts and engagement.
  • How can artists benefit from the various subscription tiers on
    We offer four tiers of subscription plans to match different needs: Free Account: Ideal for newcomers, offering 6 showcase spots and 80% sales retention. Dabbler ($500/month): A step up with 15 permanent spots, 85% sales retention, and tailored marketing campaigns. Elite ($2,500/month): For seasoned artists, offering unlimited private portfolio spots, 30 permanent spots boosted to 50 during showcase days, and 90% sales retention. Professional ($5,000/month): The ultimate plan, providing limitless showcases, 28 days of promotions, four monthly consultations, and access to additional marketplaces. Each tier is structured to offer more benefits, such as increased visibility, higher sales retention, and more extensive marketing support.
  • What types of products and services can independent artists sell on
    Independent artists can sell a wide range of products and services on Whether it's visual art, music, branded products, photography, or freelance services such as graphic design and writing, our marketplace is designed to be versatile enough to cater to various creative sectors.
  • How do artists set their prices, and what commissions does take?
    Artists have full autonomy to set their prices. takes a commission based on the subscription tier: 20% for Free, 15% for Dabbler, and 10% for Elite and Professional accounts. The tiered commission structure ensures that as you invest more into your work and the platform, you retain a larger portion of your earnings.
  • What kind of exposure can an artist expect from showcasing their work on
    Exposure varies based on the subscription tier. Higher-tier subscriptions come with increased promotional support, more showcase spots, and opportunities for exclusive collaborations and networking. Tailored marketing campaigns, managed by a certified agency, ensure maximum reach and engagement.
  • What are the fees for listing products or services on
    The fees are contingent on the subscription tier. The Free Account has no listing fee but takes a 20% commission on sales. The Dabbler Account costs $500/month with a 15% commission, while Elite and Professional Accounts are priced at $2,500 and $5,000/month respectively, with a 10% commission on sales.
  • How can artists ensure their products or services stand out in the marketplace?
    Artists can make their offerings stand out by utilizing the various subscription tiers, each offering varying degrees of visibility and promotional support. The use of R3Pit Points can further amplify reach through targeted promotional campaigns. High-quality photos and detailed descriptions also enhance product listings.
  • Are the private label services offered exclusively to artists on
    No, the private label services are not exclusive to members. Any artist can engage directly with R3P LLC to benefit from these services. However, being part of the community offers the advantage of easy integration for selling these private label products.
  • How customizable are the private label products offered by R3P LLC?
    R3P LLC offers highly customizable solutions, from the initial concept and design to the final product. Artists have the liberty to be as involved as they wish in the creative and production processes, ensuring the end product is aligned with their artistic vision.
  • Can artists utilize both the marketplace and private label services?
    Absolutely! Artists can seamlessly integrate their private label products into their portfolios. This offers a complete ecosystem where artists can not only sell art but also their own branded merchandise.
  • What kind of merchandise can be created under the private label branding services by R3P LLC?
    R3P LLC offers a broad range of merchandise options, from apparel and accessories to specialized art-related products. The aim is to create a cohesive line of goods that resonate with the artist's unique brand identity.
  • Is it necessary to be a member of to access R3P LLC's private label services?
    No, it's not necessary. While the services complement each other, artists can engage directly with R3P LLC for private label branding without necessarily being part of the community.
  • What is the role of R3P LLC in offering private label branding services?
    R3P LLC specializes in private label branding services separate from the public marketplace on The team offers branding consultations, design services, and production management to help artists create their own lines of merchandise, thereby enhancing their brand identity.
  • How can artists access R3P LLC's private label merchandising services?
    Artists can access R3P LLC's private label services by reaching out directly to the R3P team via email or through the contact form on A dedicated representative will then discuss available options, tailored specifically to the artist's needs.
  • How do artists benefit from R3P LLC’s private label services?
    Artists benefit through targeted branding strategies and quality production. R3P LLC handles the intricate aspects of branding, allowing artists to focus on their creative work. The end result is a professionally branded product line that can be marketed both on and off
  • Are there any package deals for artists interested in both marketplace listings and private label services?
    While each service operates independently, artists interested in a holistic approach can consult with the R3P team to create a customized package that incorporates both marketplace listings on and private label services from R3P LLC.
  • Can artists market their private label products directly on
    Yes, artists can feature their private label products on their profiles. This provides a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their brand comprehensively, alongside their artworks and freelance services, in a single platform.
  • Are there any prerequisites for artists to qualify for R3P LLC's marketing and advertising services?
    While R3P LLC aims to assist artists at all levels, the depth of service is tied to the artist's subscription tier on Basic services start with the Free Account, but more advanced features like tailored campaigns and bi-monthly consultations are available to artists with Elite and Professional Accounts.
  • How can artists avail themselves of R3P LLC's marketing and advertising services?
    Artists interested in leveraging R3P LLC's marketing expertise can do so through the various subscription tiers available on Depending on the tier, artists may receive consultations, tailored campaigns, and flexible ad spending through R3Pit Points.
  • Are there any package deals or discounts for artists who use both and R3P LLC services?
    While there isn't a formal package deal, artists on higher-tier subscription plans on receive promotional days, R3Pit Points, and consultation services that can be used for marketing efforts. This creates a natural synergy between and R3P LLC's services.
  • What types of marketing and advertising services does R3P LLC offer?
    R3P LLC provides a comprehensive suite of marketing and advertising services tailored to the unique needs of artists. These include SEO, social media management, PPC advertising, and data analytics. The goal is to boost visibility, sales, and engagement for artists, whether they are just starting out or are already established.
  • How do artists know which marketing strategies are most effective for them?
    Artists receive detailed analytics and consultation services based on their subscription tier. Monthly, bi-monthly, or even weekly consultations are available, along with raw-data analysis and deep-dive reports to help artists understand which strategies are yielding the best results.
  • How does R3P LLC measure the effectiveness of its marketing and advertising campaigns?
    The effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns is measured through detailed analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Artists receive raw-data analysis reports and consultation services, which can be as frequent as weekly, depending on their subscription tier.
  • What specific marketing and advertising services does R3P LLC offer?
    R3P LLC offers a range of marketing and advertising services designed to elevate an artist's presence both online and offline. These services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, social media management, and customized promotional campaigns.
  • How are R3Pit Points used in the context of marketing and advertising?
    R3Pit Points can be accumulated through platform engagement and can be spent on various promotional campaigns managed by R3P LLC. They offer a flexible way for artists to strategically invest in their own marketing without incurring additional out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Are these marketing services tailored specifically to artists listed on
    While the marketing services are available to a broader audience, there is a special focus on artists registered on Subscription-based tailored campaigns and the use of R3Pit Points for marketing make these services highly accessible to artists on the platform.
  • Can artists on take advantage of these marketing services?
    Absolutely. Artists registered on have the option to engage with R3P LLC's certified marketing agency for tailored campaigns. They can also use R3Pit Points to fund promotion campaigns, ensuring a harmonious integration between the marketplace and marketing services.
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