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We recommend starting with the free account & building up your rewards to test other services. It generates the most engagment for everyone.

  • Dabbler Plan

    Gain access to Your Brand Profile, Additional Products, & Monthly Discounts.
    Free Plan
    • 10% Off all R3P LLC Services (Brand Services not included)
    • Brand to Brand Collaborations
    • Access to 1,000 Unique & Customizable Products
    • Access R3Pit Points : Our Reward System
  • Monthly Plan

    Every month
    Showcase on a Professional Level
    • Brand and R3P Collaborations available
    • 20% off all R3P LLC Services (Brand Services not included)
    • Access to 3,000 unique & customizable products
    • Display Brand Publicly, alongside customized products
    • Sell up to 30 products at once
    • Keep 80% of sales generated for you
  • Yearly Plan

    Every year
    Save Big With Confidence
    • Free Initial Consultation
    • Exclusive Collaboration Opportunities
    • Your Brand's services listed publicly
    • 40% Off all R3P LLC services (Brand Services not included)
    • Access over 5,700 unique & customizable products
    • Sell up to 99 products at a time
    • Retain 90% of Sales generated

Welcome to the heart of! Before you dive into selecting the perfect subscription, here's what you need to know: ***The Basics*** Every plan you see, from The Free Account to The Professional Account, falls under the protective umbrella of R3P LLC's policies and procedures. These might evolve over time, keeping in step with the changing digital landscape and our commitment to serve you better. ***Your Art, Your Rules*** R3P LLC is proud to be a platform that amplifies artists. We celebrate your work, but we don't lay claim to it. Every piece you upload is yours, and the rights remain with you. ***Collaborations*** For those teaming up with fellow creatives, remember that any collaborative work needs a filled out and approved collaboration form before it hits the storefront. This ensures clarity and fairness for all parties involved. ***Sales and Shipping*** Here's the exciting part—when your art finds a new home! We'll notify you immediately when a sale happens. But, shipping? That's on you. While we can craft and dispatch branded merchandise, individual art shipments are the artist's realm. It's crucial to be consistent and punctual here. Falling behind could see account penalties or even withholding of your hard-earned payouts. ***Need Help?*** Our support team is just an email or phone call away, ready to assist with any queries or concerns. *Lastly, while we strive to be inclusive and supportive, R3P LLC does hold the right to refuse service when absolutely necessary. Now, with that said, find your perfect tier, and let's amplify your artistic journey together!

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